ABC Spark to launch in Canada


The upcoming millennial-focused 24/7 network in Canada is borne from a licensing deal between Disney/ABC Television Group (DATG) and Corus Entertainment. ABC Spark is expected to launch Spring 2012 and will build on the foundation that DATG has created with ABC Family.

ABC Spark will tell stories that matter most to the millennials audience while utilizing a multi-platform offering. Comprising more than 1.7 billion consumers worldwide, millennials represent the largest demographic bubble in both U.S. and Canadian history. Millennials constitute over 85 million 15 to 34 year-olds in the U.S. In Canada there are nearly 10 million millennials, constituting more than 30% of the current population.

“We are thrilled to partner with Disney/ABC Television Group and to announce the launch of ABC Spark in Canada, a network with values and attributes that align with our own,” said Doug Murphy, president, Corus Television. “Bridging the gap between our kids and women’s networks, ABC Spark will be a national service with compelling programming directed at the fast-expanding millennial generation.”

In the U.S., ABC Family has delivered seven consecutive years of growth. The network has also sold many of its key programs to more than 200 territories around the world.