ABC SuperSign beefs up in Times Square


The ABC SuperSign, the giant electronic icon in Times Square known for its signature wavy LED ribbons and eye-catching curved ticker, has heightened its digital and multimedia capabilities to offer advertisers and producers the most technologically advanced displays in operation.

With resolution of its LED ribbons boosted 25 times and the addition of many other new features, the SuperSign has significantly expanded options and flexibility in content display, interactivity, synchronized multimedia timing and remote high definition feeds.

SuperSign advances in interactivity give advertisers more ability to engage customers and passersby in custom-developed marketing campaigns, special promotional activities and live events through digital photo uploads, text messaging, e-mail, and other applications.

Greater real-time control allows “on the fly” switching among graphics, video, text and other media. Many more effects are also available to enhance marketing messages.

Live video feeds from remote locations can now be more flexibly received and displayed in high definition across any of the sign’s display surfaces.