ABS settling in east of Tulsa


Roger Chasteen’s ABS Communications has a deal that will give it three FM stations stacked north to south to the east of Oklahoma’s second-largest media market.

The stations are KTFR-FM Chelsea, KEMX-FM Locust Grove and KCXR-FM Taft, and the run north to south in that order. All are Class A stations.

None of the stations actually throw a primary contour over Tulsa, but KCXR does manage to rope in Muskogee.

The seller is KXOI Inc., a subsidiary of Stephens Family LP, headed by Michael P. Stephens, David P. Stephens and Tina K. Stephens.

The price will be $500K cash.



  1. When will we be able to get the station in Locust Grove. We use to listen to good religious music on that station. Will it still be religious? Thanks for your time. God Bless.

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