Absolute goes to four stations with Three Eagles radio deal


Rolland Johnson’s Three Eagles Communications is liquidating its holdings in Worthington MN, an unrated portion of the state along its border with Iowa. Absolute Communications II will be providing the cash in exchange for the stations and wedding them to its Iowa FM in the vicinity.

The stations being sold include KITN-FM, KWOA-FM and KWOA-AM. They are licensed to Three Eagles of Luverne Inc.

Absolute, headed by John D. Daniels, is part of Radio Works LLC. The company also holds an AM-FM combo in Jamestown ND.

The local station is KUSQ-FM Sibley IA. The resulting one-AM three-FM cluster will fit into a non-rated area with 10 total radio signals in service.

The price has some heft to it — $2.2M. Absolute is putting $150K into escrow and paying the full amount in cash at closing.