“AC Programmer Today” launching in January


AC Programmer Today is a partnership between 12 year AC Radio veteran, Jack Ashton (Ashton Consulting) and media exec Jim McVay (CEO/President McVay Solutions Inc.)

it’s a media mailer developed to aid programmers and decision makers in the mainstream AC Format to have a single source for the Songs, DVD of songs, Syndicated Programs, and Elements used to make an AC station successful. Saving time for AC Programmer’s to do what they do best—programming. AC Programmer Today will send your music track, DVD of a song, Syndicated Show Demo, or programming elements demo to all mainstream AC reporting stations, and decision makers in the industry. It will start mailings every other month starting January.

Said Ashton: “The Industry has been getting smaller by the day. This new reference source for Mainstream AC station and decision makers places all of the elements at your finger tips, from new music, syndicate products, and options of programming elements utilized by the mainstream AC format…..All referenced in one package.. We want to help the format in every way and hear from them on what else we can do to assist them to improve the servicing of their programming needs".

Added McVay: "Jack is Awesome…It is humbling to have a veteran like him to partner with"…We don’t want to just peddle music, rather have a viable resource for AC Programmers to utilize as a reference allowing them to spend more time doing what they enjoy doing "PROGRAM" to have the BEST Radio station in their market"!
You can contact Jack Ashton for ALL placement and sales at: [email protected]; You can contact Jim McVay for ALL part placements of Music and Art: [email protected]

AC Programmer Today is not associated with McVay Media.