‘Burdens’ Of Cable Leased Access Rules Need FCC Fix


The nation’s top pro-small MVPD lobbying group is calling on the FCC to further reduce the “burdens” associated with leased access capacity that cable operators must make available to programmers.

It’s a call coming from Pittsburgh-based ACA Connects.

“We appreciate the efforts the FCC has already made to reduce burdens associated with leased access,” ACA Connects President/CEO Matthew M. Polka said. “The FCC should further reduce those burdens by permitting cable operators to use a single set of data for a set period of time in responding to leased access requests, rather than having to compile data anew for every request.”

ACA Connects urged this approach in further comments filed on July 22.

Polka added that the FCC should also either set a minimum rate for leased access or otherwise adjust the formula “so that the cable operators with the least profitable video services do not have to give away capacity for next to nothing that could otherwise be used for broadband.”