Former FCC Legal Advisor Joins ACA Connects For Reg Role


ACA Connects, which represents the interests of small and independently owned MVPDs on Capitol Hill, has brought on a veteran communications attorney to serve as its VP of Regulatory Affairs.

Settling in to the role is Mike Jacobs.

Before joining ACA Connects, formerly the American Cable Association, Jacobs was VP of Regulatory Affairs at ITTA. Prior to taking that role in 2016, Jacobs was an FCC attorney for 12 years. At the Commission, his roles included that of a Legal Advisor to the Chief of the Wireline Competition Bureau.

ACA Connects President/CEO Matthew M. Polka said his organization “has a full policy agenda in 2020, including the implementation of the Television Viewer Protection Act of 2019 (TVPA) and the newly enacted, robocall-fighting Pallone-Thune TRACED Act.” Moreover, ACA Connects will be aiding the FCC and its members on matters related to the FCC’s reallocation of 300 MHz of C-Band for 5G use and the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction set to commence later this year.

In his new position, Jacobs will be helping ACA Connects advocate before the FCC and other federal agencies. He will assist in the development of policy positions, prepare regulatory filings, and help make presentations to various agencies on behalf of ACA Connects membership. He will also assist with ACA Connects’ ongoing efforts to keep members informed of new and existing rules and policy developments.

Jacobs will work in tandem with ACA Connects Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Brian Hurley, both of whom will report to Ross Lieberman, ACA Connects Senior Vice President of Government Affairs.