ACA Praises Clyburn Following Commissoner’s Exit Notice


From the perspective of the American Cable Association, Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn “had no equal in understanding the value that independent providers deliver to their communities and the big impact they are having.”

Those are the words of ACA President/CEO Matthew M. Polka, who issued a statement late Tuesday following Clyburn’s unexpected announcement that the FCC’s April Open Meeting will be her last praising the outgoing Commissioner for her efforts at the agency.

“ACA congratulates Commissioner Clyburn on her impressive career at the FCC and on her many important contributions to the public policy debate, which she enhanced not only with her fair judgment, but also with her civility and good humor,” Polka said.

He noted that Clyburn defended the interests of independent providers on many occasions, “especially in connection with the harms posed by the Comcast-NBC Universal transaction that the agency approved with key conditions in 2011.”

Polka added that the ACA is grateful that Clyburn “always took the time to meet with us, come to our events, and understand the unique concerns of smaller providers.”

He also noted that Clyburn “understood that small and mid-size multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and their customers have been plagued by outrageous retransmission consent fees charged by TV stations and by the bundling and tying arrangements imposed by cable programmers that have been allowed to consolidate far beyond what is good for the public.”

The soaring retransmission fees of broadcast TV companies has been a particular concern for Clyburn, while not so much of a high-priority matter for others on the FCC.


“ACA wishes Commissioner Clyburn our heartfelt best as she opens a new chapter in her career,” Polka concluded.