ACA’s New Focus: Communications, Not Cable


Say goodbye to the American Cable Association.

The Pittsburgh-based association and chief Capitol Hill lobbying group for America’s smallest MVPDs is sporting a new name that the organization says “reflects a leading position for the association in the fast-growing telecommunications industry, where technology is rapidly changing how information is provided to and used by consumers.”

Introducing ACA — America’s Communications Association (ACA).

The announcement came early Wednesday (3/20) at the association’s 26th annual Summit, held in Washington, D.C., from President/CEO Matthew M. Polka.

Traditionally, the ACA represents the interests of more than 700 small-sized and small-market independently owned communications companies in the cable and digital services space.

The association’s new day-to-day name, ACA Connects, “further reinforces the value of the connections those communications enhance,” the association notes.

“It’s all about the communications and connections our members provide,” Polka said. “Even though our industry and technology are changing so rapidly fueled by our members’ broadband deployments, what’s most important for our members and their customers is the ability to communicate freely and connect in their homes and businesses in countless new ways. With this name change, we’re recognizing that communication is the priority, not the medium.”

As ACA Connects, advocacy work continues in closing the digital divide for its members, including expanding broadband deployment in some of the most rural and financially challenging areas of the country, eliminating governmental barriers to investment, and providing increased access to high-performance connectivity.

Twenty years ago, a name change created the American Cable Association, which was formerly the Small Cable Business Association (SCBA).

“We chose ACAConnects because it’s easy to say and remember, and it’s a great way to tie one name to our website, email addresses, social media and brand,” Polka said. “But, more importantly, ACA Connects explains what our association and members really do. We connect, communicate, build relationships and work together with all, and that will never change.”