Accepting realities: The five step program


Michael RuddWe stick our heads in the sand and go about fighting for our rates that we feel we deserve, or we can accept the realities of our situation and take a proactive approach to ensure our future success. The realities in the traditional media (and this is coming from a person who has worked in the traditional medium of radio since he was 21 years old) is that our competition is better than ever. Social media allows small businesses to tell their great stories and market their businesses for less and less paid advertising. Pandora, behavioral targeting, SEO, you know all of them in the digital marketing world.  They all have great advantages to them. We are well past the crossroads in my opinion.  And if we don’t accept the realities of the situation we may be able to “hold” onto our jobs and advertising outlets for a few more years but most people aren’t in the business of just “holding” onto their jobs.

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