Accountability One system available to all broadcasters


The Accountability One system/program that Radio-One Houston is touting is actually called “AirCheck” from Houston-based Pickle Programs.  “We worked on our existing program and modified it to incorporate and report PPM data,” Pickle Programs CEO Lynne Galloway tells RBR. “We collaborated closely with Radio One.  They were our beta test site in Houston.  The test has proven to be a tremendous success and the scheduling and rating verification system will begin sending reports which include the PPM data as of this week (week of  9/15/08).  (Ike has not hindered operations.) AirCheck is available for every radio station that wants to use PPM data and send that data along with the spots’ verified times to advertisers, agencies and anyone else who wants the data.”

Doug Abernethy, GM/VP of Radio-One Houston has been demonstrating the software for agencies to get their comments and requests. Pearl Kim, Supervisor, National Broadcast Carat LA tells RBR: “I think Radio One’s new system is awesome. I hope all the radio vendors will eventually follow suit so radio will be an accountable medium just like Network TV. One of the hurdles in getting clients into radio is accountability so with these types of systems in place it will be an easier sell.”  Agencies have also reported that the reports AirCheck automatically sends to them will reduce their manual labor by 10%.

Lynne can be reached at 1.888.593.0107 or [email protected]

You can also reach Rick Galloway CTO of Pickle Programs, Inc. at 281-345-4315 or the above 888 number or [email protected]