Accurate Captioning of Every Voice: A Pact Promise For ENCO


Speechmatics, a speech recognition technology scaleup, has gotten a big vote of confidence from ENCO.

The automated broadcast and AV production workflow solutions company has chosen Speechmatics’ Autonomous Speech Recognition (ASR) technology for its new enCaption5 automated captioning and transcription solution.

The partnership is designed to enable content producers and broadcasters to create highly accurate transcripts, adding closed or open captions to both live and pre-recorded AV content regardless of the speaker’s demographic, age, gender, accent, dialect or location.

The fifth generation enCaption5 harnesses Speechmatics’ technology in a cloud-native architecture, which can also be deployed in hybrid or on-premises workflows.The enCaption5 also offers an open, advanced API for third-party developers, and is backed by U.S.-based support.

Speechmatics features for enCaption5 include coverage of 34 languages, advanced punctuation, a custom dictionary giving it the ability to add context specific words to the Speechmatics dictionary in real-time, and Entity Formatting.


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