AccuWeather offering new placements with iPhones

0’s new AccuWeather app for the iPhone has advertising opportunities to reach iPhone users as they check localized weather forecasts. Ad space opportunities include top of page, 300×50 banner ads that may click through to more detail on both weather and the advertised products or services.

Updated every hour, forecasts include detailed hourly forecasts for each of the next 24 hours, plus detailed day and night forecasts for the next 15 days.

Other features on the app include:
Multiple options for viewing the weather, including videos, and animated radar and satellite on interactive Google maps.

Warnings for severe and disruptive weather threats, such as snow and ice, rain and thunderstorms, high winds, and tornadoes.

Special lifestyle weather and health forecasts, such as conditions for specific outdoor activities and sports, such as dog walking, lawn mowing, and golfing, and health-related weather forecasts, such as UV forecasts and weather conditions for people suffering from allergies.