ACLU backs Dorgan measure


Senators have about three extra weeks to consider Byron Dorgan’s (D-ND) Resolution of Disapproval, after its original mark-up session was postponed earlier this week. They can add another submitted opinion to their deliberations if they have any doubts about how they’ll vote on the matter. The American Civil Liberties Union has fired off a letter to Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-HI) and Ranking Member Ted Stevens (R-AK) supporting passage of Dorgan’s resolution.

ACLU said, "Ultimately, ever increasing consolidation will lead to a less informed citizenry existing in a very homogeneous world of news and entertainment." It argues that the explosion of new media has not yet supplanted the reliance of the average citizen on broadcast and newspaper for news, and that "six major companies already control most of the media in our country, including the most predominant sites on the internet."

In conclusion, ACLU said, "An informed citizenry is the backbone of any democracy. But where all the media voices speak as one, there is little diversity of opinion and the citizenry is deprived of varying viewpoints." While only returning the rules to their state as of December 2007, the measure, "…at least prevents further consolidation, further erosion of minority ownership and diversity, and further narrowing of the spectrum of opinions expressed in the media."