ACN creatives launch “Universal Comedy Network”


The former team of Comedy prep service American Comedy Network (ACN) announced the immediate launch of Universal Comedy Network (UCN). ACN was shuttered by parent Dial Global 2/6. After ACN services were discontinued, affiliates were offered a replacement service with significantly different content, says the company in a release. Universal Comedy Network’s website ( will go live on Tuesday, 2/12.

“UCN is an audiointensive prep service that provides highly topical comedy content tailored to fit the needs of personalities from large markets to small who are committed to providing a unique and exclusive entertainment experience for their listeners,” explained Joel Graham, the creative force behind ACN.

The new Universal Comedy Network service, according to Graham, will offer sound, feel, and quality nearly identical to ACN. UCN clients will get song and commercial parodies, fake commercials, dropins, production elements, call starters, audio from the web, television clips, and more.

ACN was shut down with 30 days’ notice, leaving many affiliates with the need to find a replacement quickly. To address that, UCN is offering former ACN affiliates the opportunity to secure market exclusivity via barter and cash.

UCN also provides topical one-liners and other material personalities can use to populate their social network pages and station websites.