Activists unsatisfied for Liberman offensive TV content apology


National Hispanic Media Coalition and Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation sat with leaders of Liberman Broadcasting Inc. to discuss their many problems with LBI’s “José Luis Sin Censura.” They were less than thrilled with a partial apology and have vowed to keep the pressure on LBI and the program.

Representatives of NHMC and GLAAD said they met with LBI Chair José Liberman, his son, President and CEO Lenard Liberman, and Chief Operating Officer, Winter Horton. They said they received an apology for content offensive to the LGBT community, but other objections, including the presence of indecency, obscenity, misogyny, and violence on the program went unaddressed.

The groups have been campaigning against the program and filed an FCC complaint  2/28/11.

“The Libermans have now had the opportunity to step up, admit their wrongdoing and accept the consequences,” stated Alex Nogales, NHMC’s President and CEO. “They can do this in one of two ways. Either they can pull José Luis Sin Censura from the airwaves, and compensate the community for the harm the program has caused, or face further efforts to discourage advertisers and current EstrellaTV affiliate stations from continuing their relationships with the network.” 

“We have asked the Libermans to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will do away with the current type of programming, but it doesn’t seem they even understand the effects of this hateful programming,” said Jessica J. González, NHMC’s Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs.  “They failed to acknowledge many of our concerns, and even seemed unaware of some content airing on José Luis, including vicious violence against female guests and the frequency of anti-female content. I was also shocked to hear that the Libermans do not believe that the program violates FCC rules, demonstrating either a willful ignorance or a blatant disregard to their obligations as public trustees.”

The two groups are particularly concerned that the program airs during the daytime when children can watch. In addition to trying to get FCC intervention, they are trying to get advertisers to refuse to support the show.