Actualidad expands in southern Florida


The owner and operator of a Miami AM station recently applied to purchase an FM CP to the south in the Florida Keys. Now, courtesy of James Hilliard and his James Crystal radio company, it will be adding a signal to the north of Miami as well.

The buyer is Actualidad 1040 Licensee LLC, under Jorge A. Gonzalez. It is part of Union Radio Network of Florida LLC.

The station is WLVJ-AM, licensed to Boynton Beach FL and serving the West Palm Beach market. The price will be $2.3M cash.

Actualidad’s only operating station at the moment is WURN-AM, which brings an Hispanic format to the market out of Kendall FL.

The contour of WLVJ actually overlaps the station, even though it is considered to be in a different market. It’s a Class B on 1040 kHz with 25 kW-D and 1.1 kW-N. At nighttime the station is more of a between-market signal, getting to the southern part of WPB and not quite reaching Miami with its primary contour.

In its other pending deal, Actualidad is buying WURN-FM CP Key Largo from Eden Holding Company for $153,485. The projected main contour of that station will not make it far enough north to meet up with its AM partner.