Ad agencies to advertisers: Go away!


Dave Newmark high res reducedAs a broadcaster, your job is to make your properties a welcome place for ad agencies.  That’s why it may surprise you to learn that one of the primary obstacles to your ad revenue growth may be that at the same time you are saying, “come on in!”, the message that many ad agencies are saying to the many thousands of small to medium-sized businesses that want to broaden their media buying to broadcast television or radio but don’t have mega-budgets is: “Go Away!”

Recently, I spoke to an advertiser who came to us after having spoken with several ad agencies to help with a $5000 radio buy to promote a contest.  The advertiser said he couldn’t believe how many “media snobs” were unwilling to help with the campaign unless the budget was “a quarter million dollars.”

Get Big or Get Lost

The reason ad agencies don’t want to bother with smaller spenders: 

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