Ad-tracking moves forward


The Nielsen Company and Ad-ID, a joint venture of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) and the Association of National Advertisers, Inc (ANA), announced that they are working together to incorporate Advertising Digital Identification (Ad-ID) coding into Nielsen’s commercial tracking system, KeepingTrac, which allows advertisers to verify that their commercials ran the previous day according to their media plans.
Ad-ID, the advertising industry’s Web-based, complete-code system, includes a database where information about each commercial asset can be entered.  Under the ISCI coding system that Ad-ID replaces, advertisers, agencies and television stations had to enter information about each commercial into many industry systems.  Ad-ID establishes one, central database that brings consistency to asset identification and enables the digital exchange of information throughout the industry. 

The partners say KeepingTrac will leverage the Ad-ID database to allow advertisers to encode their TV commercials with minimal effort and track the performance of their media campaigns.
The joint effort by Nielsen and Ad-ID is the first of its kind since Ad-ID was launched in 2003 — and aims to further automate the process of monitoring an advertiser’s television campaigns. Using KeepingTrac and Ad-ID, an advertiser can get next-day feedback to ensure their commercials are airing as ordered, adhering to their buying guidelines and achieving their Gross Rating Point (GRP) goals.