A Zero U, IP-based Transmitter Readies For Its Debut


A company known for its array of keyboard/video/mouse (KVM)  switches and transmitters has chosen the upcoming 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas as the venue at which it will unveil what it claims to be a technological first.

Adder Technology is ready to raise the curtain on its Zero U, IP-based transmitter – the ADDERLink INFINITY 100T (ALIF100T).

Developed in response to customer demand, Adder claims it is the world’s smallest high performance KVM transmitter “and requires absolutely no rack space.”

The ALIF100T is being marketed for use in video and audio broadcast operations where space—and cost cutting—is a necessity.

“The ALIF100T USB-powered KVM transmitter can be plugged straight into the back of any computer like a dongle, taking up Zero U if rack mounted and can hang from the back of the source,” Adder says. “Highly scalable, it also enables broadcasters to grow their system over time without needing to accommodate new rack space.”

The benefits, the company adds, also translate directly to remote broadcast trucks as the dongle’s small form factor is ideal for mobile trucks which have even less space internally than larger data centers. The ALIF100T also allows broadcasters to link its remote units together to create a streamlined workspace from just one source.

“The most common issues our broadcast customers face when looking to migrate to digital is the size of transmitters and lack of space,” said Adder Technology Sr. Product Manager John Halksworth. “Consequently, this new product will be especially attractive to those looking to upgrade or update their current KVM systems with the ADDERLink Infinity range but are hindered by the space issues or the cost of redesigning their current infrastructure.”

The ALIF100T uses just 2 watts of power. The device can also be powered directly from USB.

This new product will be on display at the Adder Technologies booth at the 2018 NAB Show, located in the South Hall at #SL4227.