Adelstein weighs in on DTV


FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein (D) contributed his two cents in the wake of reports from NAB and the Consumers Union on the state of public awareness of the upcoming DTV transition. "The good news is that surveys from Consumers Union and the broadcast industry show that more Americans are becoming aware of the DTV transition," he said. "The bad news is there is still a lot of confusion that could turn into widespread panic if the government doesn’t take a more proactive role.  The FCC needs to present a comprehensive strategy — a DTV State of the Union — about how it plans to provide better guidance to the American people. We need to coordinate and work closer with the broadcast, cable, satellite and consumer electronic industries to ensure that no household is left confused by the DTV transition. The word is getting out, but we need a more coherent message to align the mixed signals people are getting."

Meanwhile, PR trade Daily Dog says that the FCC may be getting closer to mandating as many as four daily PSAs on the transition on all licensed stations. Broadcasters are said to be pushing for a more limited grab into available local inventory, but supplemented with separate ads on major national networks.