Ads can be attention-getters for mobile users


BIGinsightIt all depends what the user of a smartphone is doing:  A new BIGinsight report links some mobile activities to engagement with advertising messages; others not so much. The stakes figure to be significant – even though the effectiveness of mobile advertising is still largely unproven, it is said to be in line for a total take of as much as $10B by 2016.

According to the report, 74% regularly or occasionally give ads their full attention when using a mobile device to surf the internet, and 59.5% do the same with engaged with a social media site over a mobile device.

Ads are do not command much attention among individuals watching a television episode or playing a game. 63.7% of those watching a full television program say the never pay attention to advertising.

Men are more receptive than women, according to the study. BIGinsight noted, “When it comes to more frequent ad retention, men appear more likely than women to regularly pay attention to mobile ads, especially when surfing the web (38.2% of men vs. 32.8% of women), watching video clips (17.8% vs. 12.6%) and surprisingly, shopping (21.7% vs. 16.1%). Further, 51.0% of men say advertisements viewed on a smartphone or tablet regularly or occasionally influence the products and brands they purchase. Fewer women (43.7%) said the same.”

BIGinsight’s Pam Goodfellow provided a bit more color on the gender divide. She said, “While men are more likely than women to pay attention to mobile ads, they are less likely than their female counterparts to use smartphones and tablets for shopping-related activities. Men are less likely than women to use their mobile device to browse for products and services, locate a retailer or store hours and read product reviews.”

Here is the breakdown of mobile activity and ad-attentiveness:

Activity Regularly Occasionally Never
Surfing the web 35.3% 38.7% 26.0%
Social media 26.9% 32.6% 40.5%
Downloading apps/music 20.8% 34.4% 44.7%
Watching video 15.1% 38.1% 46.8%
Shopping 18.7% 34.1% 47.1%
Playing games 21.8% 29.0% 49.2%
Watching full TV shows 13.3% 23.0% 63.7%
Source: BIGinsight