Adspace Networks adds major national advertisers


The Adspace Mall Network has attracted a group of blue-chip national advertisers that are buying commercial time on Adspace’s nationwide out-of-home network. Major national advertisers using Adspace’s digital mall network include AT&T, Ford, Coca-Cola, Verizon, New Line Home Entertainment and The U.S. Navy. Now reaching more than 100 million people each month, 1,300 Adspace Smart Screens are located in 102 malls nationwide.

Viewing levels of the network are driven by content called "Today’s Top Ten", which showcases a mall’s top 10 sale items each week. The program allows the mall’s retailers to compete to be featured on the screens by submitting their best deals including original prices and total savings. Adspace then chooses the 10 best deals and produces a free 12-second spot, for each, and incorporates the ten spots into its six-minute loop of content and advertising.