AdsWizz Adds Dynamic Creative Optimization Capabilities


AdsWizz, the technology company known  for its digital audio advertising products, has launched a Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) platform for audio, a new capability on its AudioMatic and AudioServe platforms.

The new feature allows agencies and advertisers to utilize the data points available on the AdsWizz platform to dynamically generate and deliver more than 10 million possible unique audio ad creative variations.

AdsWizz says this creates “a more personalized experience for listeners, and higher engagement and effectiveness for advertisers.”

It adds, “The integrated solution makes the entire DCO process easier, and gives full control to the buyer who can manage dynamic creatives, delivery and reporting all within the same platform.”

Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz, commented, “With our new fully integrated DCO solution for audio, AdsWizz enables audio advertisers to deliver truly contextualized messages that speak to audiences in a way that is not only more personal and relevant, but also much more efficient for the advertiser to manage.”

The new tool provides the ability to dynamically generate audio ad variations in real-time and personalize the creative based on the listener’s current context. The DCO solution taps into the data points available when an advertiser uses the AdsWizz platform, including location, time of day, weather, device type, (i.e. mobile, tablet, gaming, smart speakers), gender, age, behavioral segments, points of interest, music genres, and first party data.

“For the first time, AdsWizz DCO provides a single and fully integrated solution that streamlines the entire process and allows advertisers to manage dynamic creatives, delivery, and reporting — all in one place. The easy-to-use solution saves valuable time, budget, and resources by eliminating the gaps and reducing the burdensome steps and processes that exist within other solutions. This, combined with the ability to utilize more data points, makes the AdsWizz DCO solution for audio unlike any other on the market today.”