Advice for broadcasters and marketers


Given that Aegis Media NA Chief Sarah Fay was a panelsist as well as attended the AAAAs last week, we asked if she could sum up some of the key issues media and marketers are facing in this new economy and what they can do to stay afloat in these rough seas:

“I think this environment—the recession—was a key topic of what people covered and the conundrum of what you do about it. How do we keep the keep the ecosystem of our community afloat? There were a couple of good opinions— Page Thompson [CEO, North America, Omnicom Media Group] said it is going to be very Darwinian and there will be a shakeout. Jerry Buhlmann [Aegis Global CEO], said it’s going to be about developing measures of accountability and new business models such as mobile targeting. There also was a lot of discussion about how the recession will create opportunity for new business models to take shape.”