Advice to small businesses


Small business mentoring organization SCORE has offered five tips to local owner/operators on how to survive the rough waters of the current economy. One of them may be of particular interest to your clients. It said to make sure your product/service mix remains in balance – don’t chase customers away with shoddiness on one side or the other of that equation. It suggested steamlining a business to save time and add efficiency. SCORE said to not to be afraid to share information with staff – they know things are tough and need to know the real score. It suggested taking a cold hard look at the budget and make cuts sooner rather than later.

But that said, SCORE said do not skimp on marketing and promotion. “The company that stands tall, strong and visible in the marketplace has stature and status. Differentiate with strong marketing to drive leads and sales.”

RBR/TVBR observation: We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. In fact, we have been saying it. Isn’t it time your clients heard this again?