A&E ordered to flip over $4 million


A federal jury in Charleston, SC has awarded $4 million in damages to “Flip This House” creator Richard Davis. A&E is expected to appeal the decision that it had an oral contract to split profits from the series 50/50 with Davis. But for now, Davis is sitting in the catbird seat.

"I feel personally vindicated by the jury’s verdict finding that I have always had an agreement with A&E. This victory is much bigger than me. This verdict makes it clear that if a network uses and profits from someone’s concept for a television show, they need to pay for it. I am thankful that we were able to win one for the little guy," said Davis.

A real estate investor based in Charleston, SC, Davis was credited as a creator in the first season of “Flip This House,” in which he and other members of his Trademark Properties team appeared regularly on camera. After a split with A&E, he and his associates joined TLC to produce “The Real Deal.”

But Davis insisted that he had a verbal contract for 50% of the profits, from the first year and those that followed as the show continued on A&E without him. He’d originally sought over $30 million. His attorney made a pitch for $7.5 million in closing arguments and the jury decided that just over $4 million was what he was due – $3.9 million as half the profits from the first season and $108,000 from international sales.