A&E to launch two Emmy screener sites


Academy members are greeted with an abundance of DVDs and box sets from networks and studios this time of year. A&E is offering an alternative to voters while testing the waters for an eventual elimination of expensive and less-environmentally-friendly mailings. Therefore, the network is launching two new websites dedicated to the network’s 2008 Primetime Emmy Campaign: considerAETV.com and iPhone.considerAETV.com.  The goal is to offer members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences a simple way to view the network’s eligible programming for awards consideration online and on mobile devices. 

Eligible voters will receive a designated login ID in the mail which will grant them access to a library of A&E’s original programming for consideration for the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards.  A&E will continue to send a DVD screener mailing, however additional content will be made available on considerAETV.com and iPhone.considerAETV.com, the first for your consideration site created for iPhone and iTouch users.