Aereo expanding as SCOTUS case nears


AereoAs Aereo readies for its Supreme Court fight with major broadcasters over copyright infringement, CEO Chet Kanojia says the local broadcast live TV streaming service start-up is getting ready for a big expansion across the country, based on venture capital funding it has received.

“Getting ready to go hard is the focus at the moment,” Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia told the Boston Herald. “We’re trying to line up a bunch of things in hope of a positive decision.”

Aereo has raised $97 million in venture funding, including $34 million in January.

“What’s the point of having money? If you’re going to lose, you don’t need the money, if you win you’d be a fool to have wasted the time,” Kanojia told the Boston Herald.

“Aereo is prepping for a massive rollout of its service in 50 cities across the country, but first it must make good on its promise of service to 22 cities, which was supposed to be complete by the end of last year. Aereo is in 13 cities right now — including Boston — but Kanojia said the company will add another three or four in the coming months,” said the story.

See the Boston Herald story here.

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