Aereo working on Chromecast app


AereoAereo plans to launch on Chromecast, with the OTA local broadcast streaming provider curently testing an app for Google’s plug in device that relays what’s on your laptop, tablet or PC onto the TV screen. Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia said at the UBS investor conference. CNet reports him as saying Chromecast was one of the main goals of Aereo achieving Android support. Aereo is already compatible with Roku boxes and Apple TV via AirPlay to fling its online streaming and recordings of OTA local broadcasts back to the TV screen.

Kanojia said Aereo would roll out in four or five more cities in the few remaining weeks of the year. With a launch in Baltimore announced last week, Aereo has hit 10 cities, comprising NYC, Baltimore, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Salt Lake City, Houston, Dallas, Detroit and Denver.

CNet also said Kanojia mentioned that Aereo has started to turn a profit in some markets, and that the service only needs 5,000 to 6,000 subscribers in a city to break even. He also said Aereo has invested $65 million in its rollout.

See the CNet story here.

RBR-TVBR observation: Almost hilarious. What a roundabout way to watch free local TV on your own TV screen—all while paying a monthly fee via Aereo…!