AFA receives three DIYs


No money is changing hands in a trio of transactions sending FM CPs from one noncom to another. The recipient of the donated properties in all three cases is the American Family Association, headed by Donald E. Wildmon. Two — KJSB-FM Jonesboro AR and KGLL-FM Gillette WY — are coming from Solid Rock Broadcasting; the third — KEEA-FM Aberdeen SD — is coming from Salt and  Light Communications Inc. The donators say they want to make Religious programming available in their communities, and AFA has the wherewithal to build the stations, hence the donation. All three are Class As. KJSB-FM will be on 88.3 MHz with 1.9 kW @ 299′; KGLL-FM is slotted into 88.1 MHz with 200 W @ 279′; and KEEA-FM is pegged for 90.1 MHz with 6 kW at 98′.