‘Affordable Radio Listener Communication’, From Down Under


Here’s something from Australia that may pique the interest of one or more radio broadcasting company C-Suite executives.

A Melbourne-based software provider specializing in listener communications and station management has launched their first package ideal for smaller stations and for internet-only streaming audio channels.

The company is very much going global with the offering, and wants U.S. clients.

​Broadcast Launch‘s package allows individuals to receive unlimited SMS messages from over 15 countries worldwide via any web browser enabled device, along with email handling, Facebook and Twitter integration, among other broadcaster-centric tools.

The company says this can enable radio listeners to communicate with presenters, accept song requests, and even run competitions across a wide range of communication methods including SMS, email and social media.

All incoming messages are completing free using Broadcast Launch after the monthly radio
numbers are settled. Additional communication methods are included in the monthly
subscription. The software was designed to be a convenient, streamlined approach for radio
communication and interaction with interested listeners across a range of communicative

“We look forward to working with a wide range of stations from all over the world,” said James Davey, Founder and Developer at Broadcast Launch. “From Internet radio stations, right up to commercial stations, we will deliver high quality and affordable software to help their staff and presenters receive valuable listener interactions. We’re broadcasters ourselves, so we build for the industry we know and love.”

Broadcast Launch includes smart codes ideal for running contests on air, auto-responders for informing any radio listeners, and advanced blocking to stop unwanted listeners and spam from sending messages, among other features.