Aflac Duck gets hurt in new campaign


After being bonked by soccer balls, swatted with logs, plunged into the Grand Canyon, and singed on a barbecue grill, the Aflac Duck is facing what millions of Americans experience every year—a debilitating injury. In a new series of television commercials that debuted during college football’s national BCS Championship game, it was revealed that the daredevil of barnyard animals – just like anyone else – is vulnerable to an unexpected injury.

Aflac spokesperson Jon Sullivan tells RBR-TVBR the effort is going to run primetime on all the networks (ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC). It will also run in late night, and mornings and on a variety of cable networks as well (USA, TNT, CNN, to name a few).

The fully integrated campaign also includes substantial online and print advertising and features an interactive social media component enabling consumers to send an online get well card or e-Card to the Aflac Duck via the Duck’s Facebook page or at

This fresh creative begins with a commercial titled Press Conference in which a “doctor” discusses an undisclosed accident that has caused the Aflac Duck to be hospitalized with injuries to his beak and his wing. The campaign demonstrates the challenges that everyday American’s can face when an unexpected accident or illness causes them to miss work.  Only this time, it is the iconic Aflac Duck who will provide a first-hand perspective as a policyholder; while shedding light on how Aflac’s insurance policies can help protect families against common, but unexpected setbacks.

“Our plan is to leverage the incredible awareness and likeability that the Aflac Duck has amassed over the past 12 years to connect with consumers in a personal way that will both entertain and inform,” Aflac Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Michael Zuna said. “The new commercials will make viewers laugh, but they have a very serious message; if the Aflac Duck can get hurt, anyone can get hurt. And that’s why everyone needs Aflac.”


  1. Ah I wish a speedy recovery to Aflac Duck, and maybe this new campaign will also help his feathered friends who are Injured daily from human hands, cars , and fishing hooks.

  2. Mr. Aflac duck I hope you will be getting better soon. When choosing a doctor use references because you better than most knows there are a lot of QUACKS out there. Van

  3. This is a true story!
    Me and my friend were coming home from getting a new van.
    We were driving in her Dodge stratus and this white duck flew in from nowhere and hit the driverside window where I was sitting,luckly I had the window cracked about 4 He didn’t smash his face too hard,but none the less when he hit all I could hear was waaaaah…and watched him in the side mirror kinda in slow motion slide down the side of the car and roll in the road..he didn’t die!But was a bit disoriented from the ordeal..I wish him a speedy recovery!

  4. Mr. Aflac, how are you feeling this evening? Well hope all is Quack, up to be, all that it can be quack up to be! I just came home from the hospital, myself, give me a call!

  5. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Do not let the doctor’s put you in the hot tub, no matter how therapeutic they say it might be..

  6. Dear Mr. A Duck

    Ouack quack soon. Praying for you and when you get better.

    I hope you can “straighten up and fly right.”

    Love and Quackers


  7. Dear Aflac. so sorry to hear of your unfortunate and untimely accident. we all wish a speedy and full recovery You have been a lifelong inspiration for me. when I was 16 I thought I had met the finest Duck ever but life qjuickly spoiled for him when he became a hopeless addict and never recovered. He ended his life after long and excruciating pain and loss of hope . No one can replace you. I remain a concerned and faithful friend and admirer of a most unique and inspiring Duck . Sincerelu. Don

  8. Dear Aflac Duck, I would be insuring your Bill as the hospital Bill and ambulance Bill could be quite a Bill to pay. Big bills are nothing to get all quacked up about. So be sure to get well and hope your wings work cause there is nothing worse than getting grounded with a brokes bill.

  9. Mr. Duck, I know what is is like to be quacked up. Recovering from open heart surgery myself. Just don’t let them clip your wing. Here’s to a speedy recovery. hugs and kisses.

  10. Duck, You must really be out of it. Missed your beak at the SuperBowl. Hope you are better soon! God Speed!

  11. Sorry to hear about the aflac duck. Hope he’s better soon. In the meantime I have a duck available to fill in (if we can catch him). He heard the word, work, and he was gone. Can’t fly, but he flew halfway across the yard. lol. Tried to get picture of him, but he was moving too fast. But, anyway he looks a lot like the aflac duck. Thanks.

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