Aflac Duck gets new TV campaign


Aflac has launched a new television commercial titled, “Farm,” that combines the trademark humor of the Aflac Duck with a critical message about the company’s concern for Americans during tough economic times.

“Farm,” in which talking barnyard friends chime in to help the Aflac Duck spread the word about the benefits of Aflac, retains its quirky humor and creative edge. At the same time it delivers the relevant message that Aflac helps pay everyday bills when people are sick or hurt and cannot work – a benefit that is particularly important in today’s economy.

The spot begins when one of three men takes a nasty spill while working on the farm. “I hope he has that insurance; you really need it these days,” another farmer says. Suddenly the barnyard comes alive as all the farm animals help the Aflac Duck explain that Aflac pays you cash to help pay your bills – such as gas, the mortgage and car payments. This is Aflac’s seventh commercial this year and the 45th television ad featuring the Aflac Duck since it was introduced in 2000. “Farm” debuted nationwide yesterday.