Aflac launches first Grammy station on Pandora


AFLACInsurance giant Aflac has announced that, in partnership with The Grammys, it has launched the first official Grammy music station on Internet radio service Pandora.

Aflac and The Recording Academy collaborated to curate a digital mixtape of songs from this year’s Grammy-nominated artists for Pandora listeners. The station will be updated throughout the year with music by this year’s Grammy Award nominees, and later with artists and songs nominated for next year’s Grammy Awards. The first collection is available now or by searching “Grammy” or “Aflac” in the Pandora mobile/tablet app.

“Music is a common thread that reaches across all demographics, and we know that no matter when or where people are tuning in, they don’t want to have to wait for the next song,” said Michael Zuna, chief marketing officer at Aflac. “At Aflac, we believe it’s important to help consumers get what matters most – whether it’s money from an insurance claim or back to their favorite media – as quickly as possible.”