Aflac launches “Physical Therapy” ad in Spanish


AFLACThe new ad updates the Aflac Duck’s recovery in key Hispanic markets across the country: The funny and informative ad debuts 4/15 on local Telemundo, Univision, Telefutura and Estrella TV stations in Miami, New York, LA, Houston, San Francisco and Orlando. It will also air on two television networks in Puerto Rico and on radio stations in all of these same markets.

The new ad is airing on Spanish language television stations in major Hispanic markets, the next phase of its ongoing campaign chronicling the Aflac Duck’s journey to recovery after sustaining a debilitating injury.

In “Physical Therapy,” the Aflac Duck is seen working with a highly motivated therapist to improve his stamina and strength as he prepares to get back to work after a long stint on the sidelines. Fortunately the Duck is covered by his Aflac policy which enables him to focus on recovery, rather than his finances. The ad uses humorous scenes of the Aflac Duck being pushed to the limits showing that while the adage “No Pain, No Gain” may be true in the gym, you can mitigate financial pain as long as you are protected by Aflac policies.

The effort follows Aflac’s first Spanish language spot, “Press Conference” in January, in which a “doctor” answers questions about an undisclosed accident that has caused the Aflac Duck to be hospitalized with injuries to his beak and his wing, turning the iconic spokesduck into a policyholder.

The new integrated campaign also reminds consumers to visit Aflac’s latest innovation called the Real Cost Calculator, which provides info to help policyholders and potential policyholders understand the out-of-pocket medical and household costs associated with an individual or family member who is injured or diagnosed with an illness.