Aflac launches "What About Your Family?" TV effort


The 52nd television commercial that features the Aflac Duck, “Pigeon,” shows how adding Aflac to major medical creates a true financial safety net. In the new ad via Kaplan Thaler Group, two families demonstrate an important message: You may think you are covered against accidents or illnesses, but without Aflac your family finances may not be as secure as you believe. It debuted 3/9 in primetime on broadcast and cable nationwide. Aflac’s Jon Sullivan tells RBR-TVBR the campaign will run on all four networks in primetime as well as various cable networks, also in primetime. Shows will include American Idol, Criminal Minds, 20/20, CSI Miami and more.

In Pigeon, two families are resting on a park bench with two dads sitting next to each other, each with a broken leg. Next to one dad is the Aflac Duck and next to the other is a pigeon.

“Boy, I’m glad we got Aflac,” says the first dad, gesturing to the Aflac Duck, who gives out his iconic cry of “Aflaaaac.”

“Oh, I’ve just got major medical. But it helps pay the doctors,” says the other, pointing to the pigeon.

“Oh yeah, what about your family,” the first dad asks. “Aflac’s different. It gives us cash. It’s like our safety net.”

At that moment the Aflac Duck starts dancing and handing cash to the family covered by Aflac. The other father cringes as he comes to the painful realization that his family has no safety net to help pay for groceries or the mortgage payments while he recovers from his accident.