Agency offers 30 Second Super Bowl co-op ad


In a pitch tailored to today’s tough economic climate, an LA ad agency is offering 30 seconds of "Super Bowl Glory" for $395,000 to national advertisers who would otherwise shrink from paying the $3,000,000 which NBC demands for a 30 second commercial on America’s most watched TV event. The $395,000 price includes creative, production, and the media buy.

Cesario Migliozzi is in negotiations to buy one or more 30 second spots from NBC. If sold, it will then package the time as a co-operative spot to eight select marketers whose logo will appear on screen for the full 30 seconds, rather than the few seconds it typically appears at the end of a stand-alone, $3,000,000 Super Bowl ad.

The package includes all creative, production, the marketer’s logo onscreen for the full 30 second spot, a reach of nearly 100 million viewers, inclusion in all publicity materials about the campaign, and a few bonuses: The marketer’s logo will appear on a website,, for the entire year following the championship football game together with outtakes from the shoot as viral video. Each marketer will be highlighted by the eye-catching creative and production.