Airlines and Chicago radio spots examined


Media Monitors took a look last week at The Airlines and Chicago. The #1 advertiser on the radio in Chicago last week was Home Depot running 967 spots. Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge was #2 with 924 commercials and Hyundai coming in #3 airing 760 announcements. McDonald's was #4 with 689 spots, while the HD Digital Radio Alliance was #5 running 663 spots. The Illinois Lottery hit big with 644 commercials which scored them the 6th position. Toyota was #7 with 560 units and LaSalle Bank deposited 551 spots on the radio to net them the #8 position, up from 14th the previous week. #9 was Geico, running 549 commercials, with Menards coming in 10th with 546 spots.

ExpressJet, the regional carrier, ran the most spots on the radio last week with 1518 units. Next was AeroMexico with 678 units coming in #2, up from #11 the previous week. SouthWest Airlines was #3 running 237 units, with Frontier Airlines in at #4 with only 196 units. Delta was #5 with 178 spots, and Northwest Airlines was in at #6 with 161 units. American Airlines was #7 with United Airlines in at #8. AirTran was 9th and coming in 10th, it was Aero California.

On the National Spot Ten, we had the HD Digital Radio Alliance in at #1 running 27,152 units. Home Depot was #2 with 26,400 spots, with Geico coming in 3rd with 22,828 spots.