Announcing The 2017 Ajit Pai Midwest Tour!


No, he wasn’t the “french toast guy” in the 2000 cinematic classic Road Trip.

Freshly minted FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is going to be remembered for a Road Trip that’s all his own.

Pai is on his way to Pittsburgh, where he will speak Wednesday morning (3/15) at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute.  The Chairman will deliver prepared remarks on the subject “Bringing the Benefits of the Digital Age To All Americans.”

The address will begin at 10am Eastern and can be viewed here.

Following the appearance at Carnegie Mellon, Pai will hit the road and begin a three-day driving tour of cities in the Midwest, where he will talk with entrepreneurs and discuss the importance of broadband connectivity in spurring economic growth.

Pai will make tour stops in Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio, and in Detroit. Before leaving the Keystone State, he will visit several Western Pennsylvania technology and broadband businesses.

While Pai’s road trip is not expected to involve visits to local radio stations, the excursion continues efforts seen while a Democratic commissioner that included eyewitness accounts of how businesses regulated by the FCC operate — and deal with government regulation.

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