Alabama stations deploying "ALERT FM"


Global Security Systems, LLC (GSS) announced that five radio stations in Alabama are among the first in the state to deploy a local platform for ALERT FM, an FM-based digital alert and messaging system. The Alabama Broadcasters Association joined GSS for this announcement and encouraged  local broadcasters to support the ALERT FM system as a demonstration of their commitment to first responders, businesses and citizens.

ALERT FM incorporates RDS technology to send digital info using conventional FM radio infrastructure. Targeted alerts and messages are delivered by satellite to FM broadcast towers and can be received on ALERT FM receivers and other mobile devices, including PDAs, cell phones and other specialized receivers equipped with FM chips.

Following a presidential directive to improve the nation's emergency alert capability, Mississippi broadcasters and emergency management officials were the first in the nation to fully deploy ALERT FM for instantaneous alert and messaging. Associations of broadcasters in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida unanimously support the system.