Alan Berg


The Denver Post reports that Bruce Pierce, convicted in the 1984 murder of KOA-AM Denver talk host Alan Berg, has died in a federal prison in Pennsylvania. Pierce was 56 and is said to have died of natural causes.

Berg, an outspoken Jewish talk host, was targeted by the neo-Nazi group The Order because of his on-air criticism of the group and its leader, David Lane. He died in an Indiana federal prison in 2007.

Berg was gunned down in the driveway of his Denver home on June 18, 1984. Pierce was never charged with murder in a Colorado state court, but rather was convicted of a number of federal felonies, including violating Berg’s civil rights. Prosecutors claimed he pumped 13 bullets into Berg. In all, Lane, Pierce and 18 other members of The Order were convicted of charges related to a crime spree by the anti-Jewish, anti-black white supremacist group.

At the time of Berg’s murder KOA was owned by Belo. It was sold to Jacor in 1987 and is today part of Clear Channel Radio.