How A Noncomm Unified Its Broadcast Management Platform


untitled-1-1Alaska Public Media now has a unified broadcast management platform for both its NPR-affiliated FM in Anchorage, and its PBS-affiliated TV station in Alaska’s largest city.

APM implemented ProTrack Radio, a product offering from Myers.

Using a single system, APM hopes to reduce operating expenses, increase workflow efficiency, and uncover cross-platform sales through the use of ProTrackRadio.

“Deploying ProTrack Radio has produced a positive operational synergy between our television and radio stations that has already benefited us holistically, including our bottom line,” said Bob Wyatt, APM’s Chief Technology Officer. “We are pleased that we were able to expand our relationship with Myers in this capacity. It has alleviated redundancies within our operation and positioned us to be able to capitalize on more sales opportunities, which are critical to our business moving forward.”

Similar to ProTrack TV, ProTrack Radio extends comprehensive programming, scheduling, and traffic management capabilities.

Specifically, the workflow between ProTrack TV and ProTrack Radio coalesces sales functions, such as the creation of contracts, invoicing, affidavits, and receivables, providing the sales team opportunities to capitalize on more revenue within one environment.

KSKA is also able to rely on the bi-directional integration solution from ProTrack Radio to ENCO automation to facilitate the exchange of playlist and as-run files between the two systems.

Relying on one platform also streamlines training for Alaska Public Media’s broadcast operations team and enables a common set of best practices to be implemented, Wyatt said.