A Tool For Keeping Radio Listeners News-Savvy


A “click and follow” tool designed to keep consumers engaged with the news, information and entertainment stories provided to them has already proven popular with newspapers and TV.

Now, this online notification platform is being serviced to radio stations.

Envision Networks is now offering AlertMe to radio affiliates. The tool was developed by two radio industry veterans, Walter Burr and Adam Shapiro, with the intention of expanding the digital reach of affiliates “with a unique audience engagement proposition.”

As they explain, when one shares a news item over the air and send listeners to your web site, a click of the AlertMe button notifies and sends the listener via text or email any follow-up news or information you share on the same topic.

“AlertMe is thrilled to partner with Envision Networks to help stations frequently drive listeners from the studio to the station’s web site,” Shapiro said. “A radio station no longer just competes with others on the dial, but with all the media clutter out there that distracts the audience from coming back every day. This simple button helps change that overnight.”

For more information about AlertMe visit www.envisionnetworks.com