Alex Wagner Selected To Succeed Rachel Maddow


“I am absolutely thrilled and honored and generally upside down with excitement to come back home to MSNBC.”

That’s what Alex Wagner Tweeted on Monday (6/27) upon getting the nod from MSNBC that she will succeed its perhaps most visible prime-time pundit on the Comcast-owned cable TV news and political opinion network.

Wagner will take over the 9pm Eastern time slot from liberal talker Rachel Maddow effective August 16.

Maddow’s reaction on Twitter?

Fantastic news!
Let’s do this!

Who is Alex Wagner? The New York Times calls her “a fixture of Washington journalism with roots in progressive news and opinion outlets.”

Wagner was the host of a daytime program on MSNBC that aired until 2015 before exiting. Between November 2016 and March 2018 she was a co-anchor of CBS This Morning Saturday. Wagner returned to the network in February 2022 as a senior political analyst and fill-in anchor for both Maddow and Chris Hayes.

The Brown University graduate has also served as a Senior Editor at The Atlantic and is the daughter of Carl Wagner, who served as a co-chair for Bill Clinton during one of his presidential election campaigns. As such, MSNBC will likely continue to air progressive and liberal-themed reports during the 9pm Eastern hour as it does today with Maddow.