Ali 'The Bachelorette’s' Weatherman takes on Craig and His Hair (review)


Last Monday bachelor had all the right ingredients: An incredible first date with Frank which included making out under the Hollywood sign, drama back at the Bachelor mansion and ABC editing errors.

I’ll start with the errors.  If you rewind your DVRs from the rose ceremony, right before Ali hands out the last rose, ABC wants you to think that it will come down to a Craig M vs. Weatherman showdown.  The dramatic music kicks in and we watch them all sweat it out.  However, if you pay attention, you will notice in between dramatic group camera shots of the bachelors right before the last rose is handed out, that Jonathan the Weatherman is already wearing a rose.  Shocking! What does this mean?  He was NOT the last one to receive a rose as ABC wants you to think. Clearly they did this to build up the drama.  Several others of you out there pointed this out this editing job, but I have to give credit to The Husband who noticed it right away.  If multiple people noticed it, ABC’s editing team should have picked it up.

Truthfully, I was hoping she would send both the Weatherman and Craig M home.  And seriously – she picked Marblemouth (Kasey), John C, and the Weatherman over adorable Chris H??? What could Chris H have possibly done other than look gorgeous, smile and say nice things to her that would have Ali send him home?  We saw the guy say less than 5 words last night.   At least show us that he was dorky, or have Ali comment on why they didn’t have chemistry or SOMETHING.  He was far too good looking to go home this early.  It doesn’t make sense.

As for Frank’s “amazing” date with Ali, my opinion of Frank definitely went up since last week.  I initially judged him as kind of a loser, a bit obnoxious and overly eager.  Now I think he’s just really enthusiastic and is definitely going to end up being a bit more into Ali than she is into him (with way too much time in between dates to think about her, miss her and obsess over her).  It was fun to see Ali being swarmed by people in Hollywood and how immediately comfortable her and Frank appeared to be with each other.  Frank definitely is a good sport considering the circus around him, so I give him that.  He also gets an A+ for enthusiasm, even when their car broke down and Ali said “Oh my G-d” about 30 times.  Frank’s chances with Ali started declining during his pre-rose ceremony discussion with Ali.  He missed her a lot since their date, became needy, and basically attacked her with kisses in front of the other guys.  Bad move.  He used the “g” word with Ali – since their date, he now thinks of her as his girlfriend and now he’s had to watch his girlfriend go out on dates with the rest.  Needy Frank.  Too needy.  Ali may find this puppy love cute for now, but it’s going to get annoying.

I was a bit confused about Frank’s glasses – at some points he was wearing them and at other times, they were neatly folded into his shirt.  Did he need them? Were they for show? Perhaps he was going for an aspiring screen writer look with the glasses and it wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out there was no prescription in the lenses.  I was surprised, however, by how into him Ali did appear to be.  The way she stared into his eyes, the way they made out teenage style on the hood of their rental vintage car overlooking the city and how she clearly expressed that she’s into his quirkiness – these are all clear indicators that Ali likes this guy.  The Husband thinks that Frank has the best personality of all the guys.  Ugh.  We don’t agree on this one.  Mind you that Ali had the first one on one date with Jake last season – they had an AMAZING time, and it landed her in the final four.  And also mind you – Jake had the first one on one date with Jillian during her Bachelorette season.  So what have we learned?  The guy/gal who gets the first one on one date will have an initial strong connection with the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  This connection will be strong enough to get the contestant past the initial rounds, but ultimately, it’s a long journey, with lots of other bumps (dates) in the way and overall, the stats are not good for a happy ending for this person.  Also, while it’s wonderful to be passionate about screen writing, moving to Paris for a couple months and quitting your job to pursue your dream – let us not forget, this guy lives with his parents. Ali is homeless right now (as we have heard), so this means their options are to move into his parents’ house after this is all over or to live on the streets in an undetermined geographical location.

The group date was ridiculous – putting them all in Speedos and watching them whine about it was kind of funny (especially Weatherman).  Ali was wearing a bathing suit cover up by Shoshanna – which was the same pattern as my rehearsal dinner dress (Great taste, Ali!) Speaking of Ali, I thought her outfits, hair and make-up were much improved from last week.  She really looked her best in just jeans and a t-shirt.  I also loved her silver gown from the Jesse date as well as the ivory chiffon short dress from the rose ceremony.  They looked like Ken and Barbie.  These were much more “Ali,” than that scary black draped dress from last week.

So then there was the Jesse date.  There can be no denying Jesse’s good looks.  The guy is Prince Charming in a suit.  He’s the quintessential tall, dark and handsome.  Whether this guy has anything going on upstairs, is another question.  He’s also only 24, as Craig M the Villain, pointed out.  Ali seemed to have some difficulty in getting to know Jesse.  Perhaps this is because she took him on a complete fantasy date.  How on earth can you get to really know someone when you pick them up in a limo, charter a private jet to fly off to Vegas with them, get private access to a luxury hotel pool, club and suite and then get a private concert with that person?  Jesse does not seem to be the affectionate type which Ali needs.  If you notice the body language between them on the plane – Ali claims to be terrified of flying, and she is constantly trying to grab Jesse’s arm.  If Jesse was remotely interested in Ali or had a half a brain, he would capitalize on this opportunity to comfort Ali. He could have put his arms around her, held her hand, whispered sweet nothings into her ear.  But he doesn’t do any of this.  He simply grabs his water bottle between his legs and smiles.  I’m not sure this guy is what Ali is looking for.  He’d be an awesome Bachelor 2015 – he just needs a few years to cook.  Also, he’s a small town man, but I’m wondering whether he knows how gorgeous he is and if so, whether Ali is another notch on his belt or whether he is actually interested in marriage.  We didn’t learn much about his thoughts on marriage and Ali, except that he was “with a hot girl in a hot car,” and he seemed to be attracted to the fact that she didn’t have any fear in driving the red convertible Ferrari fast on the way to Vegas while screaming and throwing her arms in the air.   Right now, I’m thinking Jesse is a little dull once you get past his looks and definitely not marriage minded.  My opinion of him would have grown if he just finger flicked Craig M in the forehead after being dissed by him.

While I hate to spend any more time on the incredibly annoying Weatherman vs. Craig M saga than was shown last night, there were some comical scenes.  Ali’s confrontation of Craig M after Weatherman wasted no time in warning Ali about Craig, was awesome.  The Husband was kind enough to film this clip, which we could not stop watching over and over.  It’s funnier the more you watch it:

Ali could not have been more clear that she was confused as to Craig’s interest in her.  Instead of reassuring her or defending himself against claims of being “dangerous,” he is almost speechless.  Check out his facial expressions in the slide show on the left hand column of the blog.  These are all from last night’s conversation with Ali.  Ali’s expression during her conversation with Craig is priceless – you can almost immediately tell that she’s done with this guy.  Which is a big relief.  He was one small bully.  Given, we only heard the Weatherman’s point of view on Craig M.  I was actually wondering whether we’d hear things from Craig M’s perspective as well.  They made Craig seem like the biggest villain of all time on the show – and yet some of the things may have been justified.  For example, the Weatherman’s white jacket was absurd.  It really was like he thought there’d be an opportunity to impersonate Michael Jackson.  Yes, it wasn’t nice of Craig M to put on the Weatherman’s clothes and walk around the house making fun of him, but Weatherman made it very clear before this that he didn’t like Craig M.  Also, my inside sources, who personally know the Weatherman, had this to say about him:

He can easily get on your nerves. He was a bit of a wanna be player back in the day and he thinks he has more “game” than he really does. (which is why I think he’s harmless) However, the fact that he left his weather job which I am sure he was making well into 6 figures… to go on this show is ludicrous and suspicious. Personally, I think he is just there to get his name out there and jump into the entertainment business.

That being said, he is very funny and smart and he is not a (jerk) like Craig (the hair guy w/the horrible tie?).

In any event, I’m not sure that we saw both sides of the story, and you’d think that if Craig M was so dislikeable, that more of the guys in the house would have had a big problem with him as well.  The most we heard was that Craig M was annoyed that he’d have take another day off from work.  Clearly he came on this show to party, nothing more.  It looks like he got a nice week’s vacation out of it. Now he can go back to the clubs in Toronto and pick up some nice women to share hair products with.

We saw very little of Hunter and Chris L last night.  I was at a barbecue for my floor hockey team and one of the guys on my team knows someone who knows someone who is best friends with Hunter.  Sounds like Hunter is a stand up guy.  Interestingly, I learned that the guys in the house got along really well.  Too well.  Rumor has it that the producers needed to fabricate drama amongst the men because it was becoming too much like a frat love fest.  Not sure if this applied to the Weatherman vs. Craig M. showdown, but now that Craig M is gone, it will be interesting to see what other drama unfolds and how authentic it feels.  As for Chris L, I’m still a big fan and am glad to see that Ali seemed to have felt strongly enough about him and Roberto that she didn’t pick them for dates this week.

Roberto melted my heart when he took out those baseball gloves.  As a softball player myself, the fact that he was a pitcher recruited by the Rockies would have sold me.  How awesome that he brought TWO gloves so they could both play and kudos for Ali for throwing a knuckle ball.   I know initially I had my doubts as to whether Roberto could advance far given the fact that he’s Latin, and any person with any kind of ethnicity has never made it far (Jewish folk aside).  Now that I’ve had two episodes of Roberto, I think he’ll do just fine.  Ali can’t stop blushing when she’s around him and although these two have had absolutely no substantive conversations about marriage, life, etc. – there is clearly a strong attraction on her part. 

Ty’s guitar and singing this week was pretty spectacular.  It did seem ridiculous that he broke this out on a group date, but Ali ate it up.  He actually was really good – too good: let’s hope we don’t have another Wes on our hands.  Let us not forget that Ty was in a Kelly Pickler music video, so he has some aspirations in the country music professional world.  Watching Ali’s facial expressions is really funny, especially when someone is telling her that they were divorced.  She seemed to take it ok, but you have to wonder whether she’s completely comfortable with it.  I’m thinking she will dig a bit deeper on this topic down the road.

There also seemed to be a bit of feuding between Craig R the lawyer and Justin Rated-R.  I still can’t get a read on these two.  Craig R likes to interrogate people in the house, which makes sense given his profession.  He also seems to prefer the Socratic method of teaching.  In other words, he asks questions to instigate people’s thoughts.  Example: Why would an entertainment wrestler come on the show if he didn’t want to advance his career?  Why would he initially tell us that he does something else for a living and fail to mention that he was a professional wrestler?  As Craig M is whining about Rated-R, The Husband yells at the TV, “Why can’t you just let Ali decide?  Worry about yourself.”  I’m really starting to think that Justin’s crutches are for a fake injury.  He’s a little too insistent that his intentions with Ali are sincere.  Can’t decide what I think about Rated-R.  I think Ali’s chances of finding love would be a lot healthier if she ditched the drama, and that would mean sending Craig R, Rated-R and the Weatherman home.

Random thought: Does anybody think that the profile shadowed screenshot of Ali that is being used in between segments of the show looks very much like Ariel from The Little Mermaid?  Is Ali supposed to be mermaid?

Some of the best quotes from last night:

Craig M to Jesse: “You’re a good looking guy, but that’s it…you’re such a young punk. How old are you?”

Chris L (while all the drama amongst the guys is going on at the house): “I’m just gonna keep my eye on the prize.”

Frank discussing his time in Paris with Ali:
Ali: So you lived in Paris?
Frank: Yes, for a couple of months.
Ali: Do you speak French?
Frank: No.

Unknown Bachelor to Craig M. during the calendar photo shoot: Craig, how’s the hair?

Tyler V (who had the WORST hive or blotchy patch on his forehead during the rose ceremony of all time) upon putting on his Speedo for the calendar photo shoot: “My mom is going to love this.”

Kirk: “Craig has a perverted smile on his face (during photoshoot)…he likes to stick out his butt…he would have been comfortable being completely naked.”

Weatherman about Craig M: “He’s poison to the house.  The dude is out of his mind.  He’s a category six a!!hole which is off the charts.”  The Weatherman also mentions that he’s a brown belt in martial arts which he’s not afraid to use. 

When Ali has alone time with the Weatherman right before he warns her about Craig M, she very quickly glances at his white Michael Jackson 80s jacket.  Go back to your Tivo/DVR and look for her split second judging glance at it.  It’s AMAZING.  She is saying in her head, “Could I really see myself marrying a guy who would wear this white jacket?  Keep an open mind, Ali.  Keep an open mind.”

Craig M to Weatherman: “Did (Ali) see your shoes?”

I’d quote Marblemouth (Kasey) here, if I could understand a single word that he said last night.  Since I can’t, I won’t.

Jesse to Ali upon eating oysters: “If these didn’t have lemon in them, they’d taste like #([email protected]!!”

The Husband to Stacey B during Ali’s slow dance with Jesse which Stacey B wants to fast forward: “You want to fast forward this?  But they may kiss!!”  Moments later when Ali’s face is buried in Jesse’s mouth, The Husband can’t contain himself and blurts out, “They’re KISSING!!!”

Roses go to Marblemouth, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L, Justin, Steve, Kirk, John C, Craig R, Chris N and the Weatherman (though not in that order).  Frank, Ty and Jesse already received roses.

As for next week, there are a lot of big questions: Will we get to see more of the hunks (Roberto and Chris L)?  Will we learn anything at all about John C and Chris N (and will anybody care if we don’t)?  Is more bad weather brewing between the Weatherman and anyone else?  Will Craig R continue his cross-examination of Rated-R?  Why is Rated-R crying next week?

My favorites are still Chris L, Roberto, Hunter and Ty.
Least favorites: Weatherman and Craig R.  The rest I’m still unsure of.

What did you think??  Let’s hear it! 

Stacey B

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