‘All My Children’ Amanda faces her stalker


Monday, 5/03  Amanda comes face to face with her stalker.
   David has plans for Madison. 
   Tad tries to make amends with Damon.
Tuesday, 5/04  Will Amanda’s nightmare ever end?
   Jack and Erica can’t resist the pull between them.
   Has Marissa pushed Annie too far?

Wednesday, 5/05 Ryan takes a page from David’s book.
   Damon refuses to forgive Tad.
   JR fights his feelings for Annie.

Thursday, 5/06 JR pulls a fast one on Annie.  
   Amanda fears history will repeat itself.
   David toys with Angie and Jesse.

Friday, 5/07    Will JR confess everything to Marissa?
   David presses Madison to do his bidding. 
   Angie prepares to do battle with David.                                                                                                         

VCR Alerts 

Monday, 5/17  Greenlee lays down the law with David.
   JR pours his heart out to Marissa. 
   Jake tries to ease Amanda’s fears.
Tuesday, 5/18  Liza vows to get even with Tad.
   Greenlee and David are birds of a feather.
   Will Marissa give JR another chance?

Wednesday, 5/19  How far will Colby take things with Damon?
   Tad gets some unexpected news.
   Is Amanda following in her mother’s footsteps?

Thursday, 5/20  Amanda gets an unexpected surprise.  
   Greenlee sets Erica up for a fall.
   Liza has it out with Damon.

Friday, 5/21    Erica makes the wrong choice.
   JR can’t get his mind off Annie.
   Greenlee furthers her plot to win Fusion.

(source: ABC)