‘All My Children’ Erica’s plane crashed and Jack continues looking


It started on Monday- Erica’s plane crashes and her and the pilot survive.  A stranger named Caleb shows up on the scene and combs through the wreckage and finds Erica.  He informs Erica that the pilot was taken to the hospital and since he has no car or phone she’s stuck there.  Caleb agrees to let her stay at his cabin. Jesse accuses Ryan of being part of the Miranda scandal.  JR reassures his wife that he doesn’t think about Annie or compare the two women.  Annie tells Scott they should explore their chemistry. Scott & JR talk business with a financial officer.  Scott pulls out the file left to him by Palmer which contains an idea that will ensure the company more riches.

Tuesday- Greenlee goes on television and makes a speech supporting Erica in the Miranda scandal.  At the cabin Erica must resort to doing chores in order to get some hot food.  While Erica’s struggling to survive in the woods, Jackson, clutching an engagement ring in hand, tries calling her.  Krystal tells Tad that she bought BJ’s. Liza’s jealous when she watches Tad, Krystal, Colby and Damon toasting to Krystal’s new venture.  Damon decides to go with Colby to New York for her internship but Liza gets in the way.

Wednesday- After JR informs Scott and Annie that someone leaked a story to the press about betrayal in the family, an interviewer shows up and Annie confesses the rumor is true.  Annie admits to betraying Adam because of her feelings for Scott. Scott offers Annie a place back in the mansion and the two kiss.  JR sees the two kissing and is jealous. Liza offers Damon money in exchange for staying away from Colby.  Colby and Damon have sex. Amanda plans her wedding. 

Thursday- Greenlee attends Emma’s birthday party.  Emma whispers to Greenlee that her birthday wish is for Erica to come because she gives the best gifts. David comes to the rescue when he shows up with two presents and claims one came from Erica.  Ryan and Scott both find it odd that Erica’s gift came mysteriously. Annie tells JR that he misses the heat between them and he denies it.  Marissa asks her father for advice on how to deal with Annie.  Angie takes Jesse’s advice and asks David and Greenlee out on a double date. 

Friday- David tries to calm Greenlee’s nerves before the double date.  Jackson asks Jesse to keep his eyes and ears open with David to see if he gives away any information regarding Erica. Ryan witness Greenlee and David arguing and reports back to Jackson. Jackson talks to Greenlee about Erica and during the conversation the engagement ring pops out of his pocket. Erica tries to leave the cabin but passes out.  Caleb worries she has a fever. Madison asks Ryan out and he accepts.  At the Pine Valley Hotel, Madison falls asleep in one of the suites and wakes up to the room filled with smoke.

What’s is happening next week on AMC

Monday, 5/31 Encore Episode. Original air date 1/5/10. This is the show’s 40th Anniversary episode.  The episode was originally broadcast in SD but will be up converted to HD for this broadcast.
Monday, 5/31         Encore Episode.

Tuesday, 6/1  Ryan witnesses Greenlee and David arguing
   Erica passes out
                        Madison wakes up in a room full of smoke.

Wednesday, 6/2     Colby wants Tads help.
   Jack continues to look for Erica.
   Brot has flashbacks from Iraq.   

Thursday, 6/3  Is Annie stealing from JR?       
   Erica’s fever causes hallucinations.
   Ryan and Madison grow closer.

Friday, 6/4  JR spreads gossip about Annie.
   Greenlee collapses.
   Caleb is hiding something from Erica.

(source: ABC)