Monday – Jackson gets Erica back to PV and into the hospital for a checkup.  While there she thinks of Caleb but those thoughts are quickly replaced when Jackson proposes.  She accepts his proposal and they share the happy news.  Erica spots Greenlee in the hall and tries to go after her but Opal and Krystal hold her back.  Caleb’s back to his normal routine but thinks about Erica.  With Annie’s help, Scott tries to sneak Palmer’s will out from Jackson’s bag but is interrupted by JR.  Wanting to keep Annie away from her family, Marissa turns to David for advice.  After JR gets to meet with his deceased friend’s widow and newborn child, he’s filled with a whole new appreciation for life.  JR tells Annie that he has a family to take care of and she claims she doesn’t want to lose Scott.  JR and Annie kiss goodbye.  Greenlee confides in David over how upset she is that her father turned on her but plans to move forward and reclaim Fusion.

Tuesday – Jackson informs Ryan that Erica doesn’t know about the allegations against her regarding the Miranda scandal.  Not wanting to spoil their engagement, Jackson tries to hide the allegations but Erica soon finds out.  Madison tells Erica that Greenlee is a suspect in the plane crash.  Greenlee is shocked to see Erica.  When Bianca threatens to crash the Fusion party and reveal the truth, David injects her with a syringe, knocking her out.  Greenlee cries on David’s shoulder as she is hurt over the strained relationship between her and Jackson.  Annie wonders if her relationship with JR would ever be more than just “sex” but JR claims things would never have worked out between them.  Ryan rides Annie pretty hard on why she was late in picking up Emma and Scott comes to her rescue.

Wednesday – Erica’s entrance to the Fusion party leaves Greenlee squirming.  Erica’s put a computer analyst on the case to prove that Greenlee invented the Miranda scandal to set her up.  It is confirmed that the allegations of someone stealing from the Miranda Foundation are true and Fusion is shut down for further investigation.  Things get awkward at the Martin home when Damon interrupts Liza and Tad’s date.  Tad tells Paul that he is Damon’s father.  Paul informs Liza of Tad’s plan to adopt Damon and warns that the boy is trouble.  When Bianca wakes up, David tells her the drug he injected her with is untraceable.  Bianca promises David he will pay for all the crime’s he’s committed against women.

Thursday – Colby becomes upset when Damon does not reciprocate her “I Love You”.  Tad shares his adoption plans with Damon and reassures him that this family will be nothing like his old family.  Erica, Bianca and Greenlee agree to work together to save Fusion.  Greenlee admits to the SEC agent that she doesn’t believe Erica was responsible for the Miranda scandal.  Madison wants to take the blame for the scandal, but Erica refuses to allow it.  Bianca tells Greenlee about David drugging her.  While Caleb tries to immerse himself even deeper into his secluded life, he is unable to stop thinking about Erica.  Ryan tells Madison he is impressed with how brave she is and surprises her with a kiss.

Friday – Angie’s health continues to decline and she’s starting to have attacks of visual disorientation.  She does some research and discovers she might have Acute Viral Outer Retinopathy.  Angie and David argue on how to run the hospital.  He gets on her case regarding the little boy she saved from the week before without even thinking of the consequences of his safety.  Angie asks Natalia to track down the patient for her.  Jesse awards Natalia with a ceremony for making detective.

VCR Alerts  up coming on All My Children this week

Monday, 6/28  
Bianca wants David to take the fall.
Does Erica think David would try and kill her?
Angie confides in Jake.

Tuesday, 6/29  
What shocking news is contained in Palmer’s will?
Annie and Scott defend themselves to JR.
Is Erica serious about marrying Jackson again?

Wednesday, 6/30    
David is thrown out of Wildwind.
JR beats Annie to the punch.
Opal insists Erica and Caleb honor Palmers wishes.

Thursday, 7/1  
Amanda finds Damon’s incriminating photos.
Colby has good news about her future.
Madison and Ryan grow closer. 

Friday, 7/2  
Will Tad investigate his own son?
Will Damon go to NY with Colby?
After punching Paul, Tad is taken down to the station.

(source: ABC)