'All My Children' JR finds a shocking journal


Monday- Liza gets more placebo pills to swap with Damon’s meds from David in exchange for her representation in court. Colby anxiously awaits her father’s arrival but is disappointed when a chauffeur shows up with a gift and the news that Adam couldn’t make it.  Upset, Damon offers comfort and the two have sex.  Angie wants to keep Jesse in the dark about her vision problem. Ryan is on close watch in the hospital after his aneurysm.  Greenlee advises David to stay away from Ryan and questions him as to why he just stood over Ryan’s body and did nothing. 

Tuesday- David agrees to give Greenlee some time apart from him. Greenlee feels like the walls are closing in on her when David threatens to expose her part in the Miranda case. Bianca shares the news of David and Greenlee’s separation with Ryan. Liza tries to cover the truth telling Tad she was drunk and didn’t know Damon was in the room while she undressed.  Damon says she’s lying and tells his side of the story.

Wednesday- Madison expresses her concern to Frankie when Ryan seems to forget. David threatens Greenlee with jail as a way to get her to stay married to him.  He insists he’ll remind her of her love for him and eventually she will thank him. Ryan asks Greenlee if it’s true that she’s broken things off with David. Randi returns from her modeling trip and isn’t happy to find that Madison is still staying at their place. Colby and Damon make plans to leave Pine Valley for good. Tad and Liza go looking for Damon and Colby and learn they’ve checked out of the hotel. 

Thursday- Bianca breaks the news to Ryan that David told her he and Greenlee were working things out. After being brought to the police station, Greenlee is joined by David and Mayor Iris who thanks them for their support.  Greenlee accuses David of pulling a stunt just to scare her since he knew she was visiting with Ryan. David sets up a romantic dinner for two in their hotel room but Greenlee’s not having it. Angie learns that the experimental drug for her vision is working but also gets the news that she’s pregnant.  If she wants to carry the baby to term she is going to have to stop taking the medication. Jesse’s desire to keep investigating David gets to Natalia and she tells her father to settle down.

Friday- Jesse finds out about Angie’s pregnancy but is still unaware about her medical condition. Jake informs Amanda about the whole situation concerning Angie. Caleb confides in Bianca; having just lost the company to Chandler, he thinks he can take down JR.  Scott pays Caleb a visit and extends a peace offering by inviting him out to dinner with him and Annie. Annie tries to make amends with Marissa and takes the blame for putting a strain on her marriage. Annie receives her divorce papers from Adam and tries to cover the hurt in front of JR.

VCR Alerts 

Monday, 8/2  
Angie tells Jesse about her vision condition.
Marissa accepts Caleb’s work offer.
Annie tells JR her divorce to Adam was necessary.

Tuesday, 8/3  
Ryan goes back to the hospital.
Angie makes a plea for Jesse.
Can Greenlee outsmart David?

Wednesday, 8/4  
Greenlee goes through David’s stuff and is caught.
Liza faces off with Colby.
Liza admits to Tad she switched his son’s medication with placebos.

Thursday, 8/5  
Annie tells Scott she wants to elope. 
Damon and Colby make plans to leave Pine Valley for good.
Angie makes it clear she will not terminate her pregnancy.

Friday, 8/6  
JR finds a journal and is shocked at what he reads.
Liza and Krystal share an unlikely alliance. 
Colby learns about the pill switch and wants to call the cops on her own mother.

(source: ABC)